The Best Watches and Straps to Wear This Summer

The watches and straps we’ve reviewed and curated, perfect for summer.

Henry Phillips

What makes a perfect summer watch? There’s no set formula, but definitely go with watches that are affordable, tough and, of course, good-looking. Something that can handle your summer excursions, but that’s affordable enough to leave you unfazed if it does take a beating. Over the last few months we’ve tested and curated watches (and straps!) that meet (and exceed!) those requirements.

Review: Seiko Brings Back a Cult Favorite, in Blue

An edgy case and a color scheme straight out of the early ’90s makes it perfect as both a collectible and a summer beater.

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15 Watch Straps for a Cool and Casual Summer

15 great nylon, canvas, rubber, leather and metal straps that will keep your wrists dry and cool during the hottest months of the year.

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Review: This Is The Perfect Summer Beater Watch

The Orient M-Force Bravo has all the attributes of a perfect summer watch: it’s tough, cheap and, most importantly, fun.

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The Best Dive Watches For Less Than $1,000

Good news: There’s a myriad of great divers you can buy for a few hundred bucks. Better news: We narrowed them down to just 15.

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How I Made My Watch Better for Only $10

Changing your watch band is an easy way to refresh your watch; mesh just happens to be the best way to do it.

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The Best Watches to Take Into the Backcountry

Whether you’re heading to the top of Mount Everest or trekking across a polar ice cap, these are the timepieces you should bring with you.

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