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The 10 Best Titanium Watches You Can Buy Right Now

Lighter, tougher and hypoallergenic, titanium offers tons of benefits over stainless steel.

best titanium watches
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Though the use of titanium in wristwatches dates as far back as 1970 — the Citizen X8 is considered the first — it seems as though the material didn't really made strides in the industry until relatively recently. It’s a wonder that it took so long because, in almost all respects, the material is superior to stainless steel — the industry standard. Titanium’s strength-to-weight ratio is nearly double that of stainless steel, the reason why it’s been a stalwart in aerospace engineering for decades. This means titanium watches are a fraction of the weight of a comparable stainless steel watch while remaining as strong, if not stronger. Titanium is also anti-magnetic and exceptionally heat-resistant.

Most importantly, though, is the fact that titanium is virtually impervious to corrosion. This means that it’s hypoallergenic. In the presence of oxygen, titanium develops a thin oxide film that prevents it from interacting with its surroundings (in this case, your skin). Many stainless steels, on the other hand, contain nickel, which is a deceptively common allergen; according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some 10 to 20 percent of the population can have reactions. This is the reason why titanium is the metal of choice for medical implants and why many jewelers offer titanium jewelry as an alternative to folks who might react to the residual nickel in silver or gold.

If there is a downside to titanium, it’s that it has more of a tendency to scratch, though most watchmakers use surface-hardening techniques and coatings to keep them from sustaining damage. In the end, the overwhelming upsides are worth it because the result is so damn comfortable, so much so that you can often forget you’re wearing a watch. That’s reason enough to have titanium in your collection, and these ten examples, in particular, are especially worth seeking out.

Bertucci A-2T Classic Field Watch

A quality watch at under $500 isn’t that rare of a find, but one featuring a case made from titanium is. Additionally, this Bertucci has a Japanese-made quartz movement running a lithium battery, which the brand says is good for a 10-year life. A thick leather strap is a nice touch, and the dial has plenty of lume for legibility, which makes it particularly perfect for outdoor excursions.
Movement: Quartz
Case Diameter: 40mm
Water Resistance: 100m

Citizen Promaster Diver Titanium
$217.33 (36% off)

The Citizen Promaster Diver is one of our favorite beater watches because it’s so practical and well-rounded. It’s water-resistant to 200 meters, has a classic dive watch design and, thanks to solar-charging, never needs a battery replacement. Adding lighter and more-resilient titanium to the mix almost makes too much sense.

Movement: Citizen Eco-Drive quartz
Case Diameter: 44mm
Water Resistance: 200m

Mido Ocean Star 200

Mido's Ocean Star dive watch line comes in a bevy of variations, but the titanium variant is undoubtedly kicks its value and wearing experience up a notch. It's not just the lightness on the wrist that turns heads, but Mido has also given it scratch-resistant and refined finishing with contrasting textures so you can really appreciate the material's warm hue.

Movement: ETA C07.621 automatic
Case Diameter: 42mm
Water Resistance: 200m

Junghans Form A Titan

Though titanium might seem reserved for tool watches and divers or the like, this minimalist watch wears the material fabulously. This is thanks to German brand Junghans' typically Bauhaus design sense, which manifests here in a utilitarian but striking aesthetic with matte finishing, from the titanium case through the highly legible dials. (Multiple colors are available.)

Movement: ETA 2824-2 automatic
Case Diameter: 40mm
Water Resistance: 100m

Stowa Flieger GMT

At well under $2,000 for a mechanical GMT, this Stowa is already a solid value for the money, but the addition of a burly titanium case is icing on the cake. And while this travel-ready timepiece is ostensibly billed as pilot’s watch, it’s good for a 200-meter swim, putting it firmly in dive-watch territory.

Movement: ETA 07.171 automatic
Case Diameter: 45mm
Water Resistance: 200m

Longines Avigation BigEye

Do you like a general retro aesthetic but sometimes long for something different and fresh? The Longines BigEye offers all that in an updated form that takes the quirky asymmetric look of the brand's vintage chronograph and enlivens it with contemporary touches, such as a blue gradient dial and titanium case.

Movement: ETA A08.L01 automatic
Case Diameter: 41mm
Water Resistance: 30 meters

IWC Pilot's Mark XVIII Heritage Automatic

The standard Mark XVIII — with its legible dial design, 40mm case and robust construction — is a perennial favorite at Gear Patrol, so it stands to reason a titanium iteration is also deserving of our love. The biggest departure, obviously, is the case, but the dial now has a healthy smattering of beige-colored lume, which doubles down on the vintage-inspired aesthetic.

Movement: IWC 35111 automatic (Sellita SW300 base)
Case Diameter: 40mm
Water Resistance: 60m

Grand Seiko Heritage Seasons SBGA413

Seeming to riff on the iconic "Snowflake," Grand Seiko has introduced watches with similar titanium construction, artfully textured dials and incredible Spring Drive movements inside. The Seasons Collection for the US market includes a couple such models, this particular example based on Spring with a cherry-blossom pink dial which is actually even paler and more subtle in person.

Movement: Seiko Spring Drive 9R65 automatic
Case Diameter: 40mm
Water Resistance: 100m

Zenith Chronomaster Revival Safari

The Chronomaster Revival is a line of chronograph watches based on the first models to introduce the brand's groundbreaking El Primero movement. While the Revival is based on a vintage watch and maintains its essential design and proportions, new versions have regularly added contemporary reinterpretations. This particular version has a titanium case and safari-themed colorway.

Movement: Zenith El Primero automatic
Case Diameter: 37mm
Water Resistance: 50m

Ressence Type 1 Slim

A high-tech material like Grade 5 Titanium is a very fitting choice for a forward-thinking timepiece like the Ressence Type 1. This watch features a mechanical movement with a set of orbiting discs that make up the dial, tracking seconds, minutes, hours and days of the week.

Movement: ETA 2824-2 automatic base with Ressence ROCS 1 module
Case diameter: 42mm
Water resistance: 10m

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