It's Time to Protect Your Watch

You protect the other valuable things in your life, so why not your beloved timepiece?

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Hodinkee Insurance

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HODINKEE Insurance

Whether you have one watch or a collection of 100, protecting it with insurance will keep you from staring into the mirror and questioning your life decisions should something go haywire — at least when it comes to your watches. Nothing hurts like having your prized GMT Master or Moonwatch stolen, but HODINKEE Insurance can help take the sting out of the experience. HODINKEE partnered with Chubb to offer policies on watches at virtually every price tier, and you can update your collection on the fly from anywhere in the world if you happen to buy a new piece or sell an old one. To learn more about why you should insure your watches with HODINKEE Insurance, read on below.

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Hodinkee Insurance

You're Covered

HODINKEE Insurance makes it easy to keep all of your watches covered — even if they are in transit to a new buyer, worn by your spouse or end up missing sometime throughout your day.

Reimbursement Paid Directly to You

In the event that you have to claim a loss, payment is issued directly to you — so you can stop sulking and start sourcing your replacement. Plus, with HODINKEE Insurance's market value protection, you can be sure that your watch's replacement value is covered up to 150 percent of your listed price (on the flip side, it's also protected against depreciation).

Easy to Insure Regardless of Price

Even if you have high-value timepieces, it's still easy to get a quote and get them insured. Watches that hit the $100k+ threshold require an appraisal, but HODINKEE's in-house modern and vintage watch dealers are happy to help you there as well.


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