You Can Get This Premium Watch for Under $500

Pompeak's Sub-Aquatic is a British-designed timepiece powered by a Swiss movement.

pompeak watches

Pompeak is back with a range of stunning watches at a price point that defies its premium feature set. Its first-ever dive watch, the Sub-Aquatic, has been designed, refined and tested over the last 12 months and the result is a stunning fusion of British design, high-quality materials and a Swiss automatic movement. It's made of 904L stainless steel and features a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel insert, which will stand up to any bumps and jolts you encounter throughout your day. The Sub-Aquatic is available in two impressive dial options, a deep blue/black gradient for a stunning yet clean look or a 3D-textured finish with bold hands. Plus, with a 200m water-resistance rating, you won't ever have to take it off this summer.

Price: ~$536+


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