G-SHOCK is known for durable watches trusted by military personnel, law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Now, the brand has evolved its high-end MUDMASTER through the use of new materials. The G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GWG2000 is truly an outdoor watch, consisting of durable materials and features built to last — no matter the conditions.

This G-SHOCK retains the dust and mud resistance of the rest of the MUDMASTER series while adding a forged carbon and stainless steel bezel and implementing G-SHOCK’s Carbon Core Guard structure to make the watch smaller and approximately ten percent lighter than its predecessor. With advanced features including solar power, Multi-Band 6 radio-controlled timekeeping and triple sensor technology, the watch supports land missions in the harshest environments you can think of.

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Gear Patrol Studios

The slimmer and more compact profile of the GWG2000 allows it to offer the same powerful G-SHOCK performance with an even better fit on your wrist. The watch’s all-new Mud Resist button structure is made with a combination of stainless steel button pipe and a silicone buffer which together create an even more durable construction and provide increased long-term reliability. These buttons will stay intact after countless days outdoors enduring mother nature’s worst.

The arrival of the GWG2000 brings with it the brand’s very first forged carbon bezel. The bezel makes use of forged carbon fiber, a composite material used in aircraft fuselages and world-class racing cars, at the six and 12 o’clock positions and also layers in 360 degrees of stainless steel underneath.

casio watch
Gear Patrol Studios
casio watch
Gear Patrol Studios

The case, which also counts carbon fiber among its materials, is made with carbon-fiber-reinforced resin. The new case yields a decrease in thickness of 1.9mm and width of 1.7mm compared to the previous version, which in turn allowed G-SHOCK to shave 13g of weight, tapering down the watch’s overall size. In other words, you get the same durability and toughness but with less bulk on your wrist. The blend of carbon fiber and resin offers a high strength-to-weight ratio and weather resistance, and paired with the watch’s sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating, means you can brave the elements without worrying about the durability of your watch when you do.

The GWG2000 was developed specifically to be your partner in outdoor pursuits in the most demanding environments — and it does just that.

Case: Carbon Core Guard
Bezel: Forged carbon/stainless steel
Water Resistance: 200M
Functions: Altimeter/barometer, compass, thermometer
Connectivity: Multi-Band 6
Price: $800