This Affordable Travel Watch Is a Refreshing Take on the GMT

With strong legibility, a modern look and a perfectly sized 38mm case, this GMT watch is a killer value.


Swedish microbrand Maen first grabbed our attention with a surprisingly strong value in a classic-looking chronograph. Now, it's a fresh design that makes the brand stand out — and with a Swiss automatic GMT movement, wearable size and competitive price at under $800, there's a lot to like about the new Greenwich 38.

The Maen Greenwich has a contemporary look, but with echoes of retro influence reminiscent of, say, the Seiko 62MAS's fat hour markers. The result is a practical tool-watch look with strong legibility and a no-nonsense vibe. It's easy to imagine seeing a design like this only to be discover that it's burdened by excessively chunky measurements, but we love that Maen kept the Greenwich sized like a field watch at 38mm, meaning it'll fit more wrists — and more situations.

What situations? Well, 100 meters of water resistance means it's ready for a little adventure, and its GMT feature means it's intended for travel. Survey watch enthusiasts, and you're sure to find that many consider the GMT one of the most practical and attractive complications (i.e., functions other than telling the time) modern watches can offer. It's a simple system that allows you to track a second time zone in 24-hour format via a fourth hand (which is arrow-shaped on the Greenwich), but it adds interest and functionality to otherwise simple watches.

black watch with red indices

Assembled in Switzerland, these watches, interestingly, aren't powered by the popular automatic movements one might tend to expect, such as those from ETA or Miyota. Maen uses a relatively uncommon SwissTech S24-045, which qualifies for the Swiss Made designation and is regulated in-house.

All these specs, details and features make the Maen Greenwich GMT feel like a remarkably strong value at $770. Available in four versions, including a blue waffle-style dial and an interesting model with red lume, the watches are expected to be available for purchase in June 2021. They come on a Tropic dive watch strap or a cool integrated rubber strap, and can be ordered directly from the brand online.


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