Get This Unique Minimalist Watch While You Still Can

A lifestyle publication and indie watchmaker launched a new watch, but only 30 will be made.


Adding to the growing space of collaborations between publications and watch brands, online lifestyle magazine Highnobiety has just introduced a new watch with the help of indie watch brand Anicorn.

The watch is powered by an automatic movement from Japanese movement maker Miyota, but, notably, the time-telling mechanism is far different from your standard mechanical watch. Instead of hands, the movement moves a series of disks on the dial: one with a marker, one tracking minutes and another tracking hours. The marker on the middle disk lines up with the minute disk and the hour disk to denote the time. The rest of the watch similarly takes on a very contemporary aesthetic. The watch case has a black PVD coating (and comes in at a fairly sizeable 42mm in diameter) and the concrete gray dial is adorned with a minimalist typeface.

As is generally the case with these collaborations, the watch will be made in very limited quantities — 30, in this case — so act quickly. It’s available now through Anicorn’s website for a reasonable $465.

Buy Now: $465

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