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Finally, a Dive Computer You Can Wear to Dinner (or Anywhere Else)

The new Garmin Descent Mk2S combines a dive computer and smartwatch into a wearable 43mm package.


Y'know, timepieces like submariners and Seiko dive watches are cool and everything — but if you want a watch specifically for, you know, actual diving, you want something like this. Garmin calls its new Descent Mk2S a "watch-style dive computer," but it's in fact a watch, a dive computer and a full-featured smartwatch, with a wide range of tech and applications — and it's the smallest, most wearable model with dive computer features that the brand's made to date.

It's impressive how much functionality is typically packed into Garmin's fitness-focused watches already, but offering all this with a dive computer built in at 43mm wide is most welcome for those with slimmer wrists. A 43mm diameter isn't "small" by traditional watch measurement terms, but it should make a big difference for many who want to comfortably wear their watch in a range of situations as well as underwater. (There's also a gargantuan 52mm version of the Descent Mk2.)

For diving, it's got more features than we have time to enumerate, from multiple dive modes, gas mixes and dive logs to land entry and exit points using the brand's well-known GPS capabilities. There's a good chance that anyone interested in the dive computer functionality will also be the kind of person who might put its other outdoor and fitness features to use, and like the brand's other smartwatches, it includes specialized sports apps (for surfing, climbing, biking, etc.), wellness tracking and metrics, as well as smart connectivity.


In other words, the Garmin Descent Mk2S does almost everything (you can check the full list of features on the brand's site if you so choose) and will remain wearable while doing so. On top of it all, you can expect a rugged build and user friendly operation via the sapphire crystal touchscreen display. Available in three colorways of black, blue and a feminine gold/tan, each comes on a matching silicone strap for a price of $1,000.


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