Breitling Launched a Smaller Version of Its Most Aggressive Watch Because You Don’t Even Lift, Bro

Fortunately, it’s more wearable for those of us with regular-sized wrists.


At Baselworld last year, Breitling unveiled a new lightweight, scratch-resistant case material called “Breitlight,” made from a high-tech polymer strengthened with composite fibers. And with it came a new, almost cartoonishly masculine watch: The Avenger Hurricane, which features an in-house mechanical chronograph movement, a 24-hour dial with stencil-style hour markers and an absurdly massive 50mm case. Unless you have bulbous forearms and wrists on par with Andre the Giant, Dwayne Johnson, Popeye or Arnold Schwartzenegger, it is probably too big.

Fortunately for you, Breitling has released a smaller, 45mm iteration. Much of it is the same as the original — the same Breitling B01 chronograph movement is there, the stencil-style numerals remain intact, the case is still made from Breitling’s proprietary case material, and it all comes mounted on a rubber strap. However, Breitling seems to have nixed the 24-hour dial option for the samller version. If you want it, guess you’d better hit the gym, huh?

Buy Now: $8,390

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