This Indie Watchmaker Continues to Surprise Us

Anordain's signature is enamel-dial watches, but the brand shows its design strength by stepping out of its comfort zone.


Anordain is a little different from the many value-focused microbrand watchmakers out there: the Scottish company specializes in in-house-produced enamel dials. That's why fans of the brand might be surprised by new models with non-enamel dials, which instead offering three new variations with galvanized precious metal finishes that still carry the brand's DNA in a simplified but striking form.

Enamel dial fans needn't fret, though, as anOrdain hasn't changed tack — rather, the brand has an interesting story behind these watches' creation: When the 2020 pandemic disrupted their ability to make enamel dials, they started working with a German manufacturer on precious metal-coated dials with the basic design of the brand's Model 1. These were set aside when enamel production became possible again, until watch enthusiast website Worn & Wound stepped in to help bring them to their WindUp Watch Shop.

As dial execution was always anOrdain's focus, these models still feel on-brand and maintain their unique, minimalist design. In addition to the dial materials, the other difference is that these models feature a rehaut around the dial that slopes to give an overall convex impression, as well as to shrink the dial's visual impact.


The dial colors and finishes, however, are still the stars of the show. They come in black rhodium, white gold and red gold — the latter of which you could easily call a "salmon dial," a currently popular trend in watches. The dial's sandblasted finish (in contrast to the rehaut's brushed finish) gives an interesting and dynamic visual effect, but it's also excellent for legibility, as are the contrasting colors of the hands and indices on each version.

Apart from the dials, this limited series features the same 38mm steel case (don't be confused by the Precious Metal Series name) and ETA 2824-2 Swiss automatic movement as the previous Model 1 edition. They're available now from the WindUp Watch Shop for $1,250, and each variation is limited to 50 examples.


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