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This Is the Coolest Watch Strap to Get for Your Apple Watch

An obscure watch bracelet is due for a comeback.

Though they’re appreciated today by vintage watch enthusiasts, the expansion bracelet is something of a relic from the mid-20th century. Arguably, the finest was (and still is!) the Twist-O-Flex, made by Spidel, a Rhode Island–based producer of watch straps and bracelets. The Twist-O-Flex is certainly an underrated option for wearing a watch today, not just because of its retro charm, but because its stretchy construction doesn’t necessitate any adjustment from the wearer. And while the Twist-O-Flex has proven to be a great companion for vintage timepieces, the brand is now making a version specifically designed for the Apple Watch.

Spidel is making two different Twist-O-Flex bracelets to fit either the 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch (fun fact: standard versions of the Twist-O-Flex have spring-loaded ends that can fit just about any watch’s lug width). The links of the Twist-O-Flex are made from stainless steel with a brushed satin finish and can expand from 6.5 inches in length to up to 11.5 inches, so the bracelet should fit just about any wearer comfortably without needing adjustment. Both versions are available now for $50.

The Apple Watch isn’t a stranger to resurfacing semi-obscure watch straps: The ever-popular Milanese Loop helped repopularize steel mesh straps. If the Twist-O-Flex catches on with Apple Watch wearers, it’s possible it could come back into vogue with analog watch wearers beyond enthusiasts in the know.

Buy Now: $50

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