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This E-Guide Will Turn Anyone Into an Omega Speedmaster Expert

A comprehensive study of everyone’s favorite chronograph.


There’s little doubt the Omega Speedmaster is an iconic watch, not just for its role in the moon landing but for its seeming resistance to change — the Speedmaster Professional today looks almost exactly as it did decades ago. Thing is, there have been numerous special editions, spin-offs and re-tweaks of the classic Speedmaster design over the years, making it a tricky task to fully master the watch’s various iterations and references. Thankfully for would-be Speedmaster historians and collectors, there’s a new e-guide from the folks who literally wrote the book on the Omega Speedmaster that documents every minuscule change made to the iconic watch.

The Moonwatch Only e-book is meant as an accoutrement to the physical Speedmaster tome by the same name, but you don’t need to have purchased the book to get access to the app. You’ll miss out on some of the model’s history detailed in the physical book but you’ll be treated to exhaustive info on every Speedmaster released since it was first introduced in 1957. The guide contains info on specific components like lug shapes, crowns, bezels and so on, so users can easily identify a specific reference using the app. It will prove particularly useful to prospective vintage Speedmaster buyers and collectors, allowing them to see if the parts used on the watch are correct. That, down the line, could have a serious impact on value, which could very well make the app worth its $33 asking price.

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