ZTAGE Celebrates Conservation with Wildlife-Inspired Watch Series

Inspired by Netflix's "Our Planet" docu-series, the "Glacier" is a full-calendar complication watch that takes cues from Antarctic glaciers.

ztage glacier watch

Inspired by Netflix's groundbreaking docu-series Our Planet, ZTAGE has crafted three unique watches that don't simply take aesthetic cues from at-risk natural habitats showcased from across the globe, they also celebrate a worldwide conservation effort. The first watch in the series, inspired by Antarctic glaciers, uses ZTAGE's "HYBRID ORIGINAL" watch model. Designed with full calendar functionality — including month, day, moon phase and hand-type date — it incorporates a clear translucent face and elegant translucent dial for ease-of-use and legibility. The moon phase design isn't just reminiscent of starry skies on the south pole, it has also been optimized by ZTAGE to combine different shades, textures and a luminous effect to give a visually striking appearance and clarity. Top-tier watch design aside, ZTAGE is putting its money where its metaphorical mouth is, donating proceeds (after costs) of the watch's sales to the Hong Kong branch of the WWF. Study up on the "Glacier" model and ZTAGE's special conservation project ahead of the pre-order launch on January 15.

Price: $3,603


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