Tag Heuer’s Latest Monaco May Be Its Best Yet

The watchmaker once again put the Gulf Racing colors on the dial of its iconic square chronograph.


When it launched in 1969, the Heuer Monaco was a couple different things: It was one of the first watches ever to use an automatic chronograph. It was a celebration of the legendary Monaco Grand Prix. It was a funky, square departure in watch design. But despite its looks, its revolutionary movement and its ties to motorsport, the watch didn’t truly become the icon it was today until it was worn by Steve McQueen in the 1971 film Le Mans. That’s something that’s been celebrated by Tag Heuer a handful of times since 2005, when it first released a Gulf limited edition Monaco with a dial mirroring the Gulf racing stripes on McQueen’s racing suit in the film.

Twelve years and three watches later, Tag Heuer is on its latest version of the special edition watch, which is the only Gulf to feature Tag’s modern iteration of the caliber 11 movement with the crown flipped to the left side of the 39mm case. The iconic Gulf blue and orange are featured prominently against a navy blue dial and is paired with red accents and a vintage-inspired “Heuer” logo. The watch is currently available for pre-order on Tag Heuer’s website and will set you back $5,900.

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