Feast Your Eyes on the New Graphic Novel ‘Steve McQueen in Le Mans’

All the drama from the silver screen, brought to paperback — just in time for the holidays.


The 1971 film Le Mans was a feat of practical stunt driving and automotive cinematography — but it wasn’t exactly a blockbuster when it hit theaters. It even came close to ruining Steve McQueen’s acting career. Now, though, it ranks as an all-time-great cult classic, which is why a talented team of illustrators has funneled all its wheel-to-wheel, 200 mph action into a beautiful graphic novel.

Steve McQueen in Le Mans re-creates every burnout, crash, pass and tense moment from the silver screen. All that’s missing is the sound of the Porsche 917K coming up behind the Ferrari 512 on the Mulsanne Straight. Even so, it would make a great gift for the car lover in your life.

Buy Now: $32

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