Casio’s G-SHOCK watches are known as some of the most durable digital and analog-digital timepieces around, so it makes sense they're trusted and put to the test by the Military and by law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. The rugged brand's new model, the MRGB5000, is a true heir to the first-ever G-SHOCK model, the iconic DW-5000C. With its distinctive brick pattern and red accent details, the new MR-G combines modern looks and materials with clever, retro tributes to its forebears.

The new MR-G features digital functionality supported with a special modern module, which features gold plating applied to its circuit board retainer plate in order to reduce electrical resistance. Further core features, like solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth® and radio control for enhanced accuracy and reliability, mean you can stay connected no matter how off-grid your adventures take you.

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Should you find yourself without sunlight, thanks to a high-brightness LED backlight that G-Shock calls Super Illuminator, the MR-G maintains clear readability in the dark. And to prove its place as the ultimate adventure watch, the MR-G includes an activity log function – press a button, and the watch records the current date/time and position on a map, all of which can be viewed via the companion, CASIO Watches app.

But even advanced digital tech isn't worth much without serious protection when it matters most: to provide the module with superior shock absorption and to increase overall strength, Casio has introduced a newly developed, 25-piece multi-guard structure using advanced materials.

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The MR-G bezels and case are made of Ti64 titanium alloy; the top bezel is formed from COBARION, a cobalt-chrome alloy that is four times harder than titanium, and finished with Sallaz polishing for an unbeatably elegant look. Finally, the band is made of DAT55G titanium alloy, an extremely workable material that is three times harder than titanium alone. The sophisticated bezel assembly incorporates a four-cornered suspension design that combines T-shaped bars and flat, stainless-steel leaf springs as well as silicone buffering materials. Basically, you can go the distance with this watch without worrying about it getting hurt along the way – even if that distance involves some serious impacts along the way.

The MRGB5000 balances signature G-Shock ruggedness and durability with an elegant and modern new look, making it the perfect timepiece for a day at the office or a day climbing your favorite mountain.

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Multi-Guard Structure

Shock Resistant

20-Bar Water Resistance

Tough Solar (Solar powered)

Bluetooth Smartphone Link

Price: $3,500-$4,000