Tissot's T-Touch Connect Solar Offers Utility and Aesthetics

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Tissot has made a name for itself as a serious maker of affordable, high-quality sports watches. With everything from touch watches to heritage models, the Swiss brand has continued to impress. Now, its T-Touch Connect Solar takes center court and boasts a variety of features equipped for everything from backcountry hiking to keeping up with live NBA games.

In fact, today Tissot remains the Official Timekeeper of the NBA as well as the Official Watch of several NBA teams – including the Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls and more. Read on to learn everything there is to love about the T-Touch Connect Solar, and why it’s become the preferred watch for every true NBA fan.

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The Backstory

Tissot: The T-Touch Connect Solar Marks Another Exciting Step for Tissot

Today, the T-Touch Connect Solar, “continues the design adventure started by the T-Touch.” Boasting the same modern details and all-terrain identity, the new 47 mm titanium watch boasts several new and improved features – including a six-month power reserve, thanks to its solar capabilities.

The new watch also continues a storied tradition. In 1999, Tissot launched the world's first multifunction tactile watch. Now, as a descendant of that first, iconic watch, the T-Touch Connect Solar has continued to evolve on its namesake. The watch harnesses best-in-class watch ergonomics and boasts an array of functionalities –– like a compass, altimeter, alarm and chronograph –– all without an overabundance of buttons or menus.


The Gist

What Makes the T-Touch Connect Solar Great for NBA Fans?

In addition to securing the coveted title of ‘Official Timekeeper’ Tissot also partnered with the NBA to introduce the integrated shot clock at all 29 NBA arenas. The launch marked the first in league history and ensures consistent timekeeping through every second of NBA game play.

One of the standout features on the new watch is its ‘NBA Live Game.’ Using this feature, fans can follow a live game from their watch. The app will update and send the score straight to your watch – in real-time – so you never have to miss another moment. Imagine having to choose between a backcountry hike or watching the Dallas Mavericks square off against the New Orleans Pelicans (both teams tote Tissot as their Official Watch). Now, you can have both – and keep score from anywhere.

Other features include a Cycling mode, in which fans can find the date of the next major cycling race and receive push notifications about the journey straight to their watch. Meanwhile, an Activity Tracker can record your hikes so you can download your activity history into the complementary smartphone application. Finally, a ‘Bring Me Back’ feature harnesses GPS data to help you return to your destination – even if your phone dies or you have to go offline.


The T-Touch Connect Solar is a Contemporary, Connected, and Hard-Wearing Watch

Beyond the suite of new features, the T-Touch Connect Solar is at its core a reliable watch. Equipped with an ultra-durable, nearly scratch-proof ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal case the watch is watertight to 100 meters and arrives upon a fabric or rubber strap (also available in titanium bracelet). Its electronic components are energy efficient, and it’s equipped with the latest generation photovoltaic cells to ensure that users never need to undergo long stationary cable recharges.

It has everything you’d expect from a Tissot Touch watch – including a perpetual calendar, countdown, chronograph, alarm, weather and altimeter functions – buttoned up into one of six different colorways. Compatible with iOS and Android systems, as well as fully capable offline, the T-Touch Connect Solar is also notably equipped with a privacy-protecting protocol to safeguard your data.

All in all, this watch makes a perfect gift for every sports fan and is built to keep you safe off the grid.

Price: $1,050 – $1,150


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