The MoonSwatch Is Now Way Easier to Buy in the USA

MoonSwatch-vending cars are touring the country, and retail locations are expanding.

moonswatch us tour

The $260 Swatch x Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch was so hyped it's been hard to get, but there's good news for its American fans. Starting Saturday, October 22, a fleet of cute little Fiat Cinquecento cars will tour the US to bring MoonSwatches to different cities, including areas previously inaccessible or inconvenient to retail locations. In addition, Swatch has announced that the MoonSwatch will now be available in all its stores (excluding the Broadway & Bleecker location in New York City).

Of course, there's a twist, and Swatch had to make it "fun": Following similar tours in Europe and Asia, these cars will simply show up in different cities, and you'll have to be in the right place at the right time to pick up a MoonSwatch. While exact schedules of times and places where these mobile vending stations will roll up aren't being announced, Swatch has disclosed some salient details.

moonswatch us tour
The Mission to Mars, Mission to the Sun and Mission to Neptune cars will tour the United States selling MoonSwatches.

There will be three cars covering three different US regions, and although each car is named after one of the MoonSwatch collection planets, a variety of MoonSwatch models will be available from each — on a first-come-first-served basis.

A red "Mission to Mars" car will begin in Miami, Florida, before visiting other cities, and Swatch has specified Boca Raton, Sarasota and Jacksonville. A yellow "Mission to the Sun" car will tour the Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento areas in California. And, finally, a blue Mission to Neptune car will serve "surprise locations" in the country expected to include the Midweest.

It might seem gimmicky, and it is, but it gives more people a chance to get one of these sought-after watches hopefully reaching them before they lose hope of getting one and while there's still enthusiasm. In addition, it shows that Swatch really is trying to put a MoonSwatch on your wrist, having not only opened more retail locations, but now announcing that the MoonSwatch will be sold at more (it says almost "all") Swatch stores where it was previously unavailable.


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