The MoonSwatch Just Got More Accessible, Thanks to 28 New Swatch Stores

Find out if there's a new Swatch store near you.

swatch building

It's easily the most epic product collaboration of the year, and a big part of the $260 Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch's story has been the issue of availability — or lack thereof. A lot of fans and prospective customers have been left MoonSwatch-less and were further disappointed to learn that the watches wouldn't be made available online. You can only buy the coveted MoonSwatch at select, physical Swatch locations.

Responding to the intense demand, however, Swatch has now announced no fewer than 28 new stores around the world.

The Swatch homepage quietly introduced a new button on its MoonSwatch banner that will take you to a page listing all the Swatch boutiques worldwide, the new ones marked with a green dot. There's every indication that these new locations will carry MoonSwatches — though, like other Swatch stores, whether they'll be in stock and which models will be available when you walk in is a matter of luck.

swatch store
The Swatch stores shown in this article are previously existing locations. This one is a "drive-thru" Swatch store in Switzerland.

This doesn't quite make the MoonSwatch as accessible as if it were sold online, but it does put it in reach of a lot more people. If you live in the American Midwest, for example, you no longer have to drive to one of the coasts or to Texas to find a Swatch boutique: the single new location for the United States is in Minneapolis. In fact, for some Americans, the closest store might be in Canada — which also got a new Swatch, in Ottawa.

The new stores were perhaps previously planned, but the brand responded to consumer frustration promising to ramp up production and make MoonSwatches more available by expanding its retail presence.

swatch building on a different plant with two astronauts
Moon Swatch? Not yet. Just a cheeky graphic from Swatch.

This, of course, doesn't deliver quite the access many fans have hoped for: you still can't buy the watches online, and many people still don't live anywhere near a store. For now, while a number of countries got their first Swatch stores and others got several (China, for example, got four new stores, bringing the nation's total to nine), plenty of countries still don't have any.

At least, Swatch appears to be doing its best to put a MoonSwatch on your wrist, and fans can hope that there'll be a Swatch near them soon if there isn't already. Click below to find the Swatch store closest to you.


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