Beat Workout Watch

Look Out Nike Plus


We love a good mechanical watch, but when it comes to workouts, our obsession with analog craftsmanship takes a backseat to functionality. The Beat Workout Watch ($TBD) checks all the boxes of the ultimate exercise companion. Pairing a shoe based sensor with a chest strap heart rate monitor and a 16GB portable music player isn’t an original concept. What the beat workout watch tosses on the table though is gesture-based controls — allowing your schwetty fingers to steer clear of the screen. Hand flicks, turns, and punches trigger various commands like amping the volume or flipping through tracks. Showing the bird does nothing. Don’t worry about random arm flailing screwing up your groove either, since gesture commands are first triggered by pressing the button on the included beat ring — which cleverly docks to the back of the watch face when not in use, doubling as a charging station. The watch provides all of the critical stats you need including time, distance, pace and heart rate both via the clean interface and real-time voice feedback. Syncing your data and music is easy too thanks to a USB jack integrated into the watch band. Here’s the rub. The Beat Workout Watch is now just a concept. Please don’t kill the messenger (us) for telling you.

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