This GMT Watch Is Built for the One of the World’s Harshest Environments

Bremont worked with explorer Ben Saunders to create a watch tough enough to withstand the unforgiving environment of Antarctica.


Bremont has unveiled its new additions for 2018, and while the lineup mainly consists of improved and refined versions of existing watches, its new Endurance — while based on the pre-existing Supermarine diver — is a bit more unique. The watch was co-developed with the help of Ben Saunders — an explorer who is the only person to ski to both the North and South Pole solo and fully unassisted — for his solo trek across the Antarctic. Saunders, unfortunately, was unable to finish full trans-Antarctic trek due to weather conditions that depleted his food rations, but his accomplishments still remain unmatched.

For the watch, Bremont and Saunders ditched the Supermarine’s standard stainless steel case and swapped in light, durable titanium and the countdown diver bezel is gone in favor of a compass bezel. A GMT function was added as well, a feature used for navigation and one that helps in distinguishing the difference between “day” and “night” in an environment enveloped by sunlight for the entirety of the day. Apparently, Saunders also insisted on the watch having an exhibition case back, which meant utilizing a thicker construction than normal to maintain a 500-meter depth rating.

The watch is available on an Orange NATO strap and a stainless steel bracelet, and just 300 watches will be available. When the watch goes on sale this June, it will retail for $6,395.

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