This Indie Brand’s New Chronograph Is the Embodiment of Refinement

The Chrono-Felix has perfect proportions, a handsome design and a beautiful movement.


Habring² — the brainchild of watchmaking couple Maria and Richard Habring — is well-known in the enthusiast community for their high-end, low-volume (the brand only makes a couple of hundred watches a year) but reasonably-priced timepieces. The brand’s latest timepiece — the Chrono-Felix — is a great example of their refined and value-driven take on high-end watchmaking.

As the name suggests, the Chrono-Felix is a chronograph watch, but rather than the standard two-pusher design, the stop, start and reset functions for the stopwatch feature are integrated into one button, thus making this a mono-pusher. Mono-pushers are a rare sight these days, and considering that this is also a hand-winder, it feels especially unique. Eschewing automatic winding allows Habring² to make the watch thinner and show off the finishing of the movement through a transparent case back. And what a movement it is, too: the watch uses Habring²’s A11C-H1 caliber, which it says it produced in-house. The movement is thin and compact enough to allow the watch to come in at just 10.5mm in thickness and 38.5mm in diameter.

The watch comes with a handsome, bi-compax silver dial with no date. Thus its relative simplicity — compared to most other chronographs — makes it seem like a great all-rounder of a watch. And considering what you get — limited production, in-house movement and a gorgeous design — the watch’s $7,357 price (6,250 euro) actually seems pretty reasonable.

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