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This New Rolex Book is a Fascinating Look At Some of The Brand’s Most Iconic Watches

Assouline’s newest offering is a look at some of Rolex’s most notable watches, and though it doesn’t come cheap, it’s pretty incredible.

In the Dark Ages of Before The Internet, believe it or not, watch collectors had to get their information from books. Thankfully, though the rise of the internet has brought with it the quick dissemination of boatloads of esoteric horological information, it hasn’t yet rendered the book obsolete.

And with that, we bring you the newest oversize tome from Assouline, Rolex: The Impossible Collection. If you’re not familiar with Assouline, they’re a specialty publisher that produces incredible books dedicated to culture (think jewelry, travel, etc), and if you’re not familiar with the word oversize used in a literal context, then take these dimensions into consideration: this book is 15.55″ wide by 18.62″ long by 2.95″ tall and weighs 20 lbs. So there will be no taking it on the airplane with you for some light reading.

However, if you have 845 spare dollars and a large coffee table in need of something beautiful to keep on it (and you really, really like Rolex), then this thing is sort of a no-brainer. It features 194 beautifully-laid out pages describing the history of one of the world’s most beloved luxury brands, and discusses Rolex history, notable models in its historic lineup, and the famous men and women who have worn them throughout the years.

Because the book is so physically large, the details in, say, Paul Newman’s Daytona are available in all their glory for the reader to scrutinize, as are those of the wristwatch worn to the top of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the special white-dialed GMT Master 6542s made for Pan Am, and a host of other incredible watches. Coupled with informative copy and beautiful design, this is, quite simply, a gorgeous book, and the perfect gift for a Rolex owner.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this book is not cheap — at $845, you’re already halfway to a cool vintage Rolex Oysterdate Precision. However, if the price is of little concern and you’re a Rolex nut, then Rolex: The Impossible Collection is just about the only thing that belongs on your coffee table.

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