Independent Watchmaking That Grew Out of a Hobby

Mike Stanton built The Stanton Watch Co.


Mike Stanton was introduced to watches at a young age and quickly became enamored with the art of a mechanical timepiece. After years of collecting watches, he decided to teach himself the intricacies of mechanical movements by assembling them on his own. After a few years, he took it a step further and began building one-off custom watches for friends and family as a hobby. In 2011, after gaining a reputation for high-quality mechanical timepieces with traditional style and meticulous attention to detail, he decided to launch The Stanton Watch Co.

Each watch is made from many precision parts that Mike Stanton personally assembles to create a sophisticated and finely tuned timepiece. A Stanton Watch is constructed with exactitude, patience, passion and a lifetime of love for mechanical movements.

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