Three Colorful Vintage Watches to Up Your Summer Wrist Game

These three vintage watches are colorful, quirky, and upbeat — perfect to stand out on the wrist for all kinds of sunny summer activities.

Daddys Watch

Summer is a time for beaches, beer gardens, sandals, dive watches, and NATO straps. There are a lot of great options for summer watches and changing up straps is another way to get into the mood of the season. Don’t overlook vintage watches, however, which offer unique styles and personality that even re-releases from modern companies can’t easily replicate.

The ’60s and ’70s in particular were a time of experimentation with offbeat designs and wild colors, and while the more common blue watches are great for summer too, the three below each offer a pop of unusual and conspicuous colors, perfect to brighten your summer.

Tropical Star Florida


What We Like: Here’s something you really don’t see every day — or ever, for that matter. For those who appreciate the quirky and obscure, everything from the bright orange dial with its uncommon shape to the name just give this 1960s specimen an oddball charm. While the brand name on the dial here is more or less totally unknown, the automatic movement on the inside and Swiss designation on the dial should help put one’s mind at ease. Typically sized for the era, a diameter of 36mm should still be quite wearable today, and its color and mesh bracelet will stand out as a totally unique summer watch.

From the Seller: Watch has been restored and is in excellent condition; works precisely and is ready to be worn and enjoyed.

Buy Now: $818

Gruen Diver


What We Like: With a fresh colorway and sporty vintage vibe, this is a stylish summer watch if ever there was one. This particular model is from circa the 1970s, but Gruen was a respected American watchmaker in its day which made its own movements and also used Swiss ones, as is the case here. With a manually wound Unitas movement inside, this diver has a 38mm case with a tonneau shape that gives it a strong character and make a bold statement.

From the Seller: Watch has been recently serviced; dial, case, and movement original and in good condition.

Buy Now: $1,650

Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher


What We Like: Michael Schumacher versions of the Omega Speedmaster offer some fun for pre-owned watch fans for a couple reasons. First, they provide an entry to the Speedmaster without the prices associated with the famous Professional Moonwatch. Second, they often feature strikingly colorful dials with sporty, motor-racing designs. From the early 2000s, this limited-edition model is also going to have some more modern features. The bright yellow dial is matched with the original yellow strap from Omega.

From the Seller: The automatic winding movement is accurate with the chronograph functioning perfectly. The entire watch looks very good and is without any flaws worth mentioning.

Buy Now: $1,895

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