Master the Harshest Environment with the G-SHOCK MUDMASTER

The Mudmaster is engineered to handle the most rugged environments on land and keep it ticking through it all.

When it comes to watches, you can’t get more hardwearing than a G-SHOCK MUDMASTER — built to be hard as nails and resistant to any kind of abuse. Within that already high bar, there is one model that is tougher than all the rest: The MUDMASTER GGB100. As the name may indicate, this G-SHOCK is engineered to handle the most rugged environments on land, and keep any mud you find on your adventures out of your timepiece. Available in three colorways, the GGB100 is made from a carbon fiber reinforced resin that can take anything you could bang your watch against. But that is just the beginning.

The MUDMASTER’s newly developed Carbon Core Guard case is made from lightweight and rigid carbon-fiber-reinforced materials to keep it protected from the roughest expedition. The bezel is also formed from carbon for increased ruggedness: It has three layers of fine resin with carbon fiber inserts — the top layer made to be transparent, which reveals the embedded carbon. This new dust-and mud-resistant Carbon Core Guard uses a filter between the case and buttons to keep everything out, ensuring a tight seal without using metal button pipes. All these features come together to form one of the world’s toughest watches that could go with you to the far edges of the world and confidently keep time.

The GGB100 also has Bluetooth mobile link functionality, connecting to the G-SHOCK Connected app, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. The app greatly simplifies the configuration of the watch settings, making it easy to change anything you need quickly from your smartphone. The app automatically provides a location indicator, taken from your smartphone’s GPS, allowing you to keep track of where you’ve been. With a mission log, you can keep a record of every journey and exercise with altitude measurements, step counts and a consumed calorie calculation. As for where you are going, you can set the MUDMASTER’s digital display to show the distance to your set target destination, so you will never be lost in the woods.

The MUDMASTER comes equipped with the built-in Quad Sensor which puts a compass, altimeter, barometer temperature gauge and a step counter, all in a compact configuration. And when the light fades, you can still read your dial with a double LED light for the face and digital display. All of these features are rolled into the timepiece, making it much more than just a watch — it’s an essential piece of kit that can change the way you take on any expedition. No matter what far-flung locale you adventure off to, the GGB100 will help you keep track of your environment without having to pack extra gear or even stop, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most, the task at hand.

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