The Rolex Essentials for Any End of Summer Occasion

Enjoy the last of the summer weather between vows — from the bag to stash your suit to the perfect trunks and shades for the end of summer.



The last days of summer are quickly approaching. Soon your slight tan line from your watch will be all that is left of the summer sun. Hopefully, your early Fall travels will bring you to destinations that will allow you to soak up a bit more sun and get your last swim before the chill is in the air. This is how to pack so that you can cherish the last of the summer weather between vows and the open bar. From the bag to stash your suit, to the perfect trunks and shades for the end of summer.

The Watches

Having a business-ready and a lounge-ready timepiece can be a tall order. Everest makes the best aftermarket watch bands you can invest in for your Rolex so you can look just right no matter the situation — from fine leather straps for the rehearsal dinner and ceremony to water-ready rubber bands for the poolside. Traveling with more than one watch can be a bit touch and go if you aren’t careful enough, but Everest can help you out there too. With handcrafted leather watch rolls and pouches, you can make sure all the timepieces you bring along for the long weekend are secured. The watch roll has a naturally tanned leather exterior that will be sure to age well while the interior is a soft material for maximum protection against scratches with three interior removable watch pillows for easy access. Everest accessories are the perfect way to change up your watch game and keep them safe along the way.

Curved End Rubber Strap by Everest $235
Curved End Leather Strap by Everest $240
Leather Watch Pouch by Everest $65
Two Watch Roll by Everest $285
Ceramic GMT Master by Rolex
Submariner Date by Rolex

The Essentials

Barton Perreira: Thurston Sunglasses$395
Sabah: in Blue $195
Hill City: Easy Swim Suit $68
Filson: Rugged Twill Suit Cover $375
Utility Canvas: A-Frame Weekend Duffel $178

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