This Rubber Watch Strap Was Beloved by SCUBA Divers Worldwide. And It’s Finally Back

The Tropic rubber watch strap is back, and it’s available in four colors in 20mm in the Gear Patrol Store.


The Tropic strap needs no introduction to the serious watch collector or to the veteran SCUBA diver. Produced in the 1960s and included as an OEM option on myriad dive watches, original vintage Tropics have become valuable, tradable commodities in recent years, selling for many times their original MSRP. Because the rubber used in vintage models tends to become brittle over time, many straps didn’t survive, making pristine models even more valuable.

Featuring a signature diamond pattern on the outer strap and a waffle pattern on the inside, as well as perforated holes for breathability, the Tropic became a beloved alternative to the standard bracelet or leather watch strap. Now, the original Tropic formula is being revitalized by the Synchron Watch Group and produced in a 20mm version for $79. Available in black, brown, navy and olive (22mm will follow shortly), the new version is produced from vulcanized rubber, is hypoallergenic and features increased UV and temperature resistance.

Best of all, we’re proud to announce that the Gear Patrol Store is the official launch partner of the new and improved Tropic strap. Right now, the store is offering free shipping on domestic orders.

Learn More: Here

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