Once Lost to Time, TROPIC Resurfaces and It’s Better Than Ever

Originally produced in the 1960s, TROPIC straps were the go-to for divers, explorers, and outdoorsmen. Now, TROPIC returns, better than ever.


It’s been emulated, riffed on and even outrightly copied, but there has only ever been one TROPIC dive strap. Originally produced in the 1960s, TROPIC straps were the go-to for divers, explorers, and outdoorsmen who wanted an alternative to traditional steel bracelets and leather straps. Though distinct in style and revered for their utility, TROPIC gradually fell out of production. Once production ceases, deadstock and vintage TROPIC straps were cherished, traded among watch cognoscenti and collectors with as much zeal as their horological counterparts. TROPIC straps became so valued that several strap makers made their own versions of the strap, turning TROPIC from a brand name to a kind of style suggestive of that style of rubber dive strap, much like Band-Aid to adhesive bandages or Xerox to photocopy.

That is, until today.

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The One and Only TROPIC

The original TROPIC is back and it’s aiming to recapture its rightful place atop the dive strap heap. The re-vitalized TROPIC — produced under trademark by the Synchron Watch group — uses a new and proprietary vulcanized rubber formula that is optimized to deliver unmatched wearer comfort and quality. Like the original, the new Genuine TROPIC strap shares the same design elements, adhering to the textured ‘tapestry’ surface that made the original a beloved, multi-generational icon.

TROPIC’s deeply embossed back is designed to increase wearer comfort, with subtle perforations for quick drying. The strap’s ends are uniquely shaped to create a seamless transition between a watch case, lugs and the strap. The proprietary vulcanized rubber used to produce each TROPIC rubber dive strap is hypoallergenic and optimized for tensile strength. It also sports new UV resistance and is largely immune to adverse effects from extreme heat or cold. And since this rubber contains no silicone, it does not attract dust or fade from prolonged exposure to sunlight. In short, the new TROPIC is an incredibly solid, thoughtful retooling of the iconic original.

Watch Guy Approved

As watch guys, we’ve often wondered what became of the storied brand and fantasized about its eventual return. That’s why we’re extremely proud to have been selected as an exclusive launch partner for TROPIC. Its distinct retro look is an unparalleled match for any vintage diver, and with three all-new colors — TROPIC will now come in brown, navy and olive, alongside the original black — it’s not hard to find the perfect dive strap for a modern watch. And though it’s only available in 20mm, we’re pretty sure more sizes will be coming down the pike.

In honor of TROPIC’s return to watchdom, we’ve introduced it to the Gear Patrol audience at a special launch price and will be offering free shipping on all domestic orders.

Buy Now: $79

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