The New G-SHOCK Is Tougher Than Ever and True to Its Roots

35 years ago, the G-SHOCK was born.


35 years ago, a legendary timepiece was born. The G-SHOCK was the original tough watch, and rugged durability is still ingrained in its DNA — from the original model DW-5000C all the way to the new GMWB5000. The GMWB5000 is the newest watch in Casio’s G-SHOCK line and retains the iconic original square shock-resistant structure.

Key Specs
Size: 49.3 x 43.2 x 13 mm
Power: Tough Solar
Power Reserve: 22 months stored in complete darkness
Case: Stainless Steel
Connectivity: Bluetooth and radio-controlled
Water Resistance: 200mm

But this enduringly tough watch has also kept up with the times. The latest iteration of G-SHOCK was afforded some serious Bluetooth-equipped, radio-controlled and solar-powered upgrades — not to mention a full metal case. To make all these updates possible, G-SHOCK had to innovate and improve upon its materials, achieving a new level of fortitude. Here is a rundown of those key innovations both inside and out.

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Full Metal Shock Resistant Structure

It was no easy feat to achieve the GMWB5000’s unique shock-resistance capabilities in full metal. It required a complete redesign of the external structure of the watch, from buttons and band to the case itself. A new internal structure was designed out of a fine resin to cushion the internals of the watch from the more powerful dropping force of the new stainless steel weight. The resin cushioning, placed between the bezel case and the inner case, responds to shocks with tiny protrusions in the cushioning material compressing to absorb the shock. The double-lug structure used to connect the band to the case has also been redesigned with a three-pronged lug structure to disperse shock throughout the watch.


Solar-Powered Atomic Timekeeping

Solar power supports the stable operation of standard time radio wave reception for accurate timekeeping and Bluetooth communications. The Bluetooth connectivity also allows users to sync with the G-SHOCK app on your smartphone to simplify certain watch functions and helps with time changes as well. To absorb all of those rays from the sun and convert them into usable power, the GMWB5000 deploys a solar panel made from a film that sits over the LCD face and actually helps suppress reflections from external light. The film plays double duty by powering the watch and making it incredibly easy to read. Time correction is achieved through either Bluetooth communication or standard time radio wave, so you never have to worry about being a minute off either.


Seeing Like No Other

With the help of high-density mounting, miniaturization and power-saving technologies, G-SHOCK has been able to install multiple new functions without making the GMWB5000 any bigger than the G-SHOCK that came before it. An LED backlight now illuminates the LCD face with a high-brightness light that can detect the ambient light surrounding your wrist and adjust brightness automatically. You can also enable the light to switch on with a tilt of the wrist in the dark, so you don’t have to fumble around looking for any buttons. The LCD is also new, and allows for higher contrast and a wider view. The full face mirrors the original layout of the DW-5000C as well. This display, with a 16:10 aspect ratio, is designed for the human field of vision, adopted for the clearest possible visibility. It’s been used from one model to another since the watch’s origin, and comes close to the Golden Ratio — considered to represent the most beautiful proportions in nature.

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