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Spend enough time (and money) around wristwatches and it’s easy to become jaded. Soon you’re only interested in historically significant references or manufacture movements (Quartz? No way!) and you can lose sight of what attracted you to watches in the first place – that je ne sais quois visual quality that makes you smile when you glance at your wrist. Well, here’s a watch that might just bring you back to that appreciation for fun watches – the CT Scuderia Corsa.

There’s no shortage of automotive-inspired watches, from those that reference the chronographs worn by racing drivers in the 1960s (the TAG Heuer Carrera, for example) to those that actually resemble automotive gauges (Autodromo). Then there are those that look like a tool of the trade – the Giuliano Mazzuoli Manometro, which resembles a tire pressure gauge. Along these lines comes a new brand – CT Scuderia whose founder used to design watches for Fossil (cringe) and Emporio Armani (ouch), two decidedly fashion-oriented brands that will make any watch snob pivot on his heels and walk away.


But something about the CT Scuderia Corsa is just bold enough and “retro-instrument” enough to make us take a second look. This watch looks just like the hand-held stopwatches that hung around the necks of racing bosses at LeMans, Daytona and Monaco in the exhaust-perfumed days of 1960s racing. In fact, the Corsa can be removed from its lovely perforated leather strap and worn around the neck if your girlfriend wants to channel Nina Rindt as you do hot laps around the neighborhood in your Civic.

The Corsa’s oversized, colored pushbuttons are positioned atop the watch, again a nod to vintage stopwatches, and activate the Swiss Ronda quartz chronograph movement. Yes, this watch cries out for a hand-wound mechanical movement but the Ronda 3520D is a new movement that will be made in limited quantities and boasts a 4+ year battery life and a unique elapsed time counter, which integrates minutes and hours on one subdial. The white enamel dial, high quality Swiss-made strap and 46mm case are bound to draw looks, perhaps even secret glances from those who suddenly remember why they fell in love with watches in the first place.

Buy Now: $1,395

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