This Affordable Automatic Watch Features a Festive Green-and-White Porcelain Dial

A young brand focusing on beautiful porcelain dials and Chinese cultural motifs introduces a stunning, limited-edition watch.


The young French-Chinese brand Atelier Wen offers a strong value in the form of an elegant watch with a porcelain dial and solid build quality — Gear Patrol reviewed their first watch, called the Porcelain Odyssey Hao, and was mightily impressed by the texture and quality of its white and blue dial. Now, the brand has announced a limited run of the same model but with the blue elements replaced by a vibrant tone of green.

Sure, it’s just a color change from the existing model, but green and white feels timely for the season, and the overall look is pleasing and unique. Like the version in blue, it’s got a 39mm wide steel case, double-domed sapphire crystal, and is powered by a custom-made Peacock SL-3006 automatic movement — heat-blued hands, however, are here replaced with rhodium-plated ones. Atelier Wen has an interesting perspective, founded by two young Frenchmen with a strong connection to China, manifested in Chinese design elements and a proud emphasis on Chinese-made parts.

For this Green Edition, there will only be 25 examples made, priced at $790 ($70 more than the blue model) and available directly from the brand.

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