This New Watch Is a Celebration of 50 Years of Earth Day

One Eleven is releasing a limited-edition commemorative Earth Day watch inspired by the vintage pins worn at the first event 50 years ago.


50 years ago, millions of environmentally conscious people came together and gave a voice to the emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet — resulting in Earth Day. This year, One Eleven is celebrating the endurance and evolution of the eco-conscious movement with its Limited Edition Earth Day Solar Powered SWII watch.

1. Earth Day Anniversary Design: The designers over at One Eleven uncovered vintage pins from the original Earth Day with the quote “Save your Earth, you can’t get off”. You can find this quote as a patch on the strap along with a vintage Earth Day emblem patch.

2. Solar Powered Movement: Like all One Eleven watches, the Limited-Edition commemorative Earth Day watch ticks away with a solar-powered movement. This keeps destructive batteries out of landfills.

3. Doing Right by the Earth: One Eleven is dedicated to protecting the planet and uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials whenever possible. This includes petroleum-free bio-material cases, rPet watch straps crafted from recycled water bottles, and eco-friendly packaging. Plus, as 1% for the Planet partners, they give one percent of their profits to environmental causes.

Buy Now: $75

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