Three Instagram Accounts for Watch Lovers to Follow in June, 2020

@ericwind serves up the vintage watch goodness, @iniarchibong designs with an eye for beauty and @adpatina saves midcentury watch ads from anonymity.


Welcome to Follow Me, a monthly column showcasing our favorite watch-related Instagram accounts, from collectors to dealers and everything in between.

It’s been a while since we did a roundup of some of our favorite watch-related IG accounts. Part of the problem is that there are so many cool ones to follow, so we thought maybe we’d try something a little different: namely, a monthly selection of some of our favorite discoveries. Today we’ve got accounts from one of our favorite vintage dealers, a very talented industrial designer, and an online store with a special twist on horological ephemera. Enjoy!


Eric Wind is the man. He’s been a contributor to HODINKEE and has worked for Christie’s, and he currently runs his own shop under the name Wind Vintage, selling vintage timepieces mostly from before 1980 and over $10,000. However, his IG is full of all sort of cool stuff, including the occasional more affordable watch.

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Ini Archibong is a California-born, Switzerland-based designer whose works include the Galop d’Hermès, a watch collection that launched at SIHH in 2019. His IG is design-centric, not watch-centric, but this makes it all the more exciting, as it offers a window into the world of a creative who clearly has an eye for beauty, no matter the medium.

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Nick from Ad Patina has given himself a very simple job that he executes at a very high level: to find compelling vintage watch ads from the golden age of midcentury advertising, and to save them from oblivion by selling them, either framed or unframed. We challenge you to peruse his IG without buying something.

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