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TSOVET watches stormed onto the scene this past November and have been making a splash ever since. Being a naturally inquisitive person and finding myself seduced by their utilitarian looks, I decided to investigate.

The designers at TSOVET draw heavily on aviation for their inspiration, especially the instruments. Their website details this well: “Figuratively speaking, we are students of these industrial and aerospace design engineers. And we take from them, integrating at every level, lessons about styling, functionality, practicality, and lasting durability.” This philosophy has lead to a product line of four timepieces, each simple and stylish while still being functional.

Looking to the past for inspiration is never a bad idea in my book (though nightmares of the PT Cruiser linger in my consciousness). I was lucky enough to check out their best selling model, the TSOVET SVT-AT76, which looks like it was pulled directly from P-51 Mustang and engineered to a strap. Which, in this case, is a good thing. The SVT-AT76 clocks in at a hefty 48mm, but with a short lug width it retains wearability for the Kate Bosworth-wristed amongst us (*cough* Brian & Ben). Fortunately, my 7 inch wrist was not overtaken.


As you can imagine, at 48mm the SVT-AT76 has a very large face that’s easily readable for both you and the chrono-voyeur sitting one table over. I really liked details such as the “10”, being represented as a “0”, and the back of the second hand having plane wings. The strap is another strong point, made of Italian leather it is softer and just as comfortable as any rubber strap I’ve worn. The TSOVET’s innards feature a Rhonda 515 Swiss Quartz movement, which gives you better timekeeping than a mechanical, for less money. Those snobbish to Quartz movements should keep checking TSOVET’s website, as an ETA 2892-A2 Automatic special edition is in the works.

Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that the AT76 is designed to fit with dress or business attire. Note that it’s a touch bulky to fit under a shirt cuff. Although it is water resistant to 100ft, I wouldn’t make this your beach watch, unless you change straps. Otherwise, you’ll toast the Italian leather, which would be a travesty.

Cost: $525


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