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The Best Watch Boxes for Your Watch Collection

Don't keep your most worn watches in your sock drawer — invest in a quality watch box instead.

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Henry Phillips

You spent hundreds or thousands — or hundreds of thousands — on beautiful watches. Now what? Well, you need to keep them organized, accessible, and clean, that's what. And how does one do that? You could use a watch roll or pouches, sure, or keep them in their original boxes or packaging. But that ain't elegant. And surely there's a more elegant solution than simply stuffing them in the back of your sock drawer.

Instead, try a dedicated watch box. These come in all shapes and sizes, from simple wooden affairs to multi-level, leather-clad, luxurious towers of horological splendor. You can buy a watch box for $25 or $2,500, and ultimately, it doesn't really matter — what you need is something that fits your aesthetic preferences, won't fall apart, and will hold enough watches. You can buy one on Amazon for the cost of a few coffees that'll show up the next day and will do just fine, or you can spring for a beautiful, vintage-inspired affair from Wolf that looks like classic watch boxes of yore. The choice is yours.

Benefits of Using a Watch Box

It might not be obvious why you need a box especially built to hold watches. Can't you just put your watches in any old box? Well, yes, you could. But the drawbacks of doing so highlight exactly what makes dedicated watch boxes practical.

Firstly, if you've got a bunch of watches, keeping them organized becomes an issue. You can keep them strewn around your desk or in a pile or in a drawer, but that's messy. A jumble of watches in a box won't be much more organized than that, either. Those little pillows give them order.

Moreover, they keep them from being scratched by other surfaces and each other, and a watch box with a lid will keep them dust free. And finally, the last point shouldn't be overlooked: they also present your watches in an attractive way so that, even if they're not on display to others in that box, it offers you another way of enjoying them and can make selecting one a pleasant experience.

Other Ways to Store Your Watches

Watch boxes are nice, but there are other options for storing your timepieces (besides in a pile or a sock drawer or their original boxes or whatnot). Watch rolls and pouches are intended for traveling but also make fine options for keeping your watches safe and not strewn about. Watch winders are another great option for stashing watches that you're not wearing, and they have the added benefit of keeping an automatic watch wound. Finally, safes are always a reasonable choice for keeping watches, especially valuable ones, and there are even those that are designed for watches and incorporate pillows or even winders.

We've assembled a collection of all sorts of watch boxes below and for any budget. No matter how simple or fancy you wanna get, you're sure to find the ideal storage solution here. And if what you're looking for is more in the line of pouches, cases and rolls, that's no problem — we have a handy guide to those, too.

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