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Superb Watch Winders for the Budding Collector

If your mechanical watch collection is growing, you may want to keep your automatics ticking when they aren’t on your wrist.

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You’ve caught the watch-collecting bug, so you’ve gone out and bought a fancy automatic watch. Or two. Or three. Or ten. But an automatic watch will only stay ticking so long as it’s on your wrist.

If you don’t want to be shaking your watches and resetting the time every day you rotate to a new one, a good watch winder is in order. (Just be careful how you use one, and understand whether or not you "need" one.) And while there’s no shortage of options out there — from cheap single-watch winders under $50 to massive, custom-made vaults costing thousands — finding something that’s high in both quality and value can be a challenge.

Here are some of the best options to consider.

Versa Elite Single Watch Winder in Cherrywood
Versa amazon.com

Watch winders can get pricey, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on one, as something like the Versa Elite is a simple but tasteful option that’ll keep a single watch healthy and ready to be worn.

Barrington Automatic Watch Winder
Barrington amazon.com

The Barrington Single Watch Winder is the brand’s flagship product, and it’s got a striking design that’ll make it a nice, modern appointment for any home or office.

Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder
WOLF amazon.com
$565.02 (13% off)

As a specialist in handmade watch winders, safes, and other similar storage solutions, Wolf is a favorite that you’ll see on just about any list of great winders. Its Heritage Double is a relatively simple offering that accommodates two watches.

Orbita Sparta Watchwinder 2
Orbita amazon.com

Orbita is another well-known player in the watch winder space. The Sparta Bold is a lightweight, two-watch option that runs on batteries which should last years with its extended-winding cycle option.

Orbita Tourbillon Watchwinder 1
Orbita amazon.com

Watch winders should also ideally also function as chic appointments for whatever indoor space they adorn. The Tourbillon from Orbita does just that with an all-glass case and exposed circuitry for a striking visual impression. (And it’ll keep a watch wound, as well.)

Wolf Roadster Triple Winder with Storage
Wolf wolf1834.com

Wolf’s Roadster collection of watch winders features beautiful leather exteriors. This is a premium option and a classy way to keep up to three automatic watches wound and ready for the wrist.

Rappaport Paramount Nine Watch Winder

Lord knows, watch collections can grow beyond all reasonable limits, and if you have a single automatic watch that needs to be kept wound, chances are you have more. The Rapport London Paramount will wind up to nine watches and provides a fun way to appreciate them, even when off-wrist, as they hypnotically revolve behind a glass door.

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