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Affordable, Retro-Awesome Casio Watches We Love

These bundles of digital nostalgia are dirt-cheap, and downright collectible.

a man wearing a casio watch
Zen Love

Have you stopped to consider Casio's mostly sub-$100 captivatingly retro funky watches lately? These basic digital watches are so affordable, they might sometimes be overlooked and taken for granted. But they fill a certain niche in the watch industry and, we'd argue, offer something fun, compelling and utterly unique — even collectible (in the sense that we just want to collect them all).

Just as nostalgia has infiltrated the rest of the watch industry, Casio has resurrected some of its vintage designs. Unlike most other watch brands, however, "retro" and "vintage" for Casio is coming from the 1970s, '80s and '90s Japan. We're talking stuff that looks like it's from Blade Runner or some anime-envisioned Tokyo of the future.

"Vintage" is also the name of a Casio collection where these reissues live (so don't be confused: we're talking exclusively about new watches here), but the brand never really stopped making many such funky, retro-futuristic digital models. The classic F91W, world time and Data Bank (calculator) watches never went away, but have also spawned fascinating variants.

Those alongside reissues like the model from the 1979 film Alien and other less famous watches make for a smorgasbord of retro-funky-geek-chic fun — that you can actually afford. We love them all. The following are some of our favorites, but the brand's current (and recent) offerings are worth even deeper exploration.

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Casio A171WE-1A
Casio AQ800E-7A
Casio A100WE
Casio Data Bank CA53W-1
Casio A158WEA-9CF
Now 27% off
Casio A700WEM-7AEF
Casio World Time AE1200WH-1A
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Casio World Time A500WEA-1EF
Casio B640WB-1AEF
Casio A1000MA-7VT
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