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Yes, a Rose Gold-Colored G-Shock Exists. Just Buy It and Don't Look Back

To be fair, it's really the details that make this model a winner.

g shock

Given that it debuted as a plastic-cased digital watch famous for its ability to take a beating, you might think that a premium Casio G-Shock in glimmering rose gold color might be off-brand — a hard sell.

And yet, the metal rendering has proven a winning formula for the brand's square-shaped icon from 1983. If you've been waiting for the perfect version, the combination of features and shiny metal case mean that this just might be it...provided you like a little flash.

Building on the watch's cultural presence and recognizable design, recent models have been rendered both in steel or with steel bezels over a resin base. With its steel case and bracelet, this is the first of the Full Metal series to offer a rose gold finish — meaning that the color is applied to underlying metal via a process called ion plating.

What makes the new GMWB5000GD-4 cool, however, is that it offers not only a fun, blingy look, but the ideal G-Shock experience. In addition to being tough, it has two key features: Tough Solar, which charges the battery via light, and a positive display, which offers dark text on a light background. (A negative display — light-on-dark — characterizes all but one other current model in the Full Metal series, making most of them significantly harder to read in many situations.)

g shock

Along with the nicely rendered, elevated feel of the metal case and bracelet (note the contrasting brushed and polished finishes), these features makes the latest Full Metal G-Shock a winner — as long as you can pull off a rose gold digital watch. Of course, it's got the usual bevy of Casio technology, as well as other premium features like Bluetooth for connecting to a handy smartphone app.

As for price? It costs more than the basic resin-cased models, but significantly less than the actual 18k gold version priced for collectors at $70,000; the GMWB5000GD-4 is available for a reasonable MSRP of $600.


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