Redington SonicDry Fly Waders

These waders are feature rich, designed with maximum fishing comfort in mind. You’ll find a front zipper, suspenders, a wading belt, gravel guards, articulated knees, zip-up micro-fleece hand warmer pockets and a variety of other pockets for every accessory imaginable.

They’re made of tough, lightweight, four-layer SurgeShell nylon fabric with 37.5™ Technology by Cocona®.


Back in the day, if you were a fly fisherman, your waders were made of rubber. No water was getting in — or out — unless you snagged them on a barbwire fence getting to the stream. The “out” part of that equation was important: with your legs surrounded by rubber — or its successors, coated nylon and the like — you were going to sweat plenty, and that sweat was going to stay right there inside your waders. That made for a less-than-ideal experience, especially on the hike back to the car at the end of the day.

Breathable waders made of Gore-Tex and similar fabrics sought to change that by allowing perspiration to breathe out of the material. And they did, to a degree. But to be honest, even with breathables, fishermen ended up soaking wet after a day on the stream.

Redington’s SonicDry Fly waders, made with 37.5 Technology by Cocona, have finally solved the problem. 37.5 Technology is named for the body’s ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, and the most comfortable humidity of the microclimate next to your skin, 37.5 percent. This means the inner surface of the lightweight, four-layer SurgeShell nylon fabric has revolutionary patented particles embedded in its fibers. Said particles are designed to soak up the moisture (sweat) that collects inside waders and dry fast — up to five times faster than other breathables — for a much more pleasant wading experience. To keep the fabric, which needs to be sown into the waders, waterproof, Redington uses a patented seam technology licensed from Orvis: sonically welded seams that ensure a leak-free wading experience.

The “fly” in the waders’ name isn’t actually about fly fishing; it’s for the long zipper on the front of the wader, which makes getting in and out that much easier. More importantly, it makes answering the call of nature, long a major pain for fishermen, hassle free. The neoprene booties, or stocking feet, are ergonomically shaped, reducing the amount of material in the foot area, thereby increasing comfort inside a wading boot. The built-in suspenders have buckles configured to convert the Flys to a waist-high wader, perfect for hot days. And the wading belt (which drastically reduces the amount of water that can flood your waders in case you fall in) has received rave reviews for being both effective and comfortable, a rare feat.

Besides the front zipper, suspenders and wading belt, you’ll find gravel guards at the ankles to keep debris out of your boots, articulated knees for ease of movement, and zip-up micro-fleece hand warmer pockets so your hands stay comfortable. In fact, you’ll find pockets inside and out for a variety of accessories (because every fly fisherman worth his salt carries more stuff than he’ll ever need). There’s even a locker loop for hanging the waders up to air out overnight. They come in twelve different sizes, tailored with a natural, non-bulky fit to the human body.

Fly fishing’s not necessarily the genteel sport some would have you believe. If you fish long hours in nasty conditions and rugged places, the Redington SonicDry Fly waders are up for it. They’ll keep you comfortable — and they’ll actually keep you dry. What else does a fisherman need besides a cigar, a sweet hole and a good tall tale?


Shell: Surgeshell waterproof, Ultra-Sonic welded construction, 37.5 technology
Pockets: two-sided fleece hand warmer pockets
Movement: articulated knee for ease of motion
Booties: 3 millimeters high-density neoprene

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