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August Smart Lock

This stylish aluminum smart lock works with your old-fashioned deadlock and your newfangled smartphone. It gives you the weighty responsibility of controlling who can enter your home, along with the convenience of automatic locking and unlocking via Bluetooth.


Several companies are competing to rid you of that antiquated key ring jangling in your pocket, and August Smart Lock stands out from the crowd. Designed by Yves Behar (the man behind beautiful products from Jawbone, Herman Miller, General Electric and more), the August’s stylish yet strong aluminum body is the most elegant solution for 21st century home security, and its simple shape and color options make it look appropriate on any door.

Unlike other smart locks on the market, the August is designed to use your existing deadbolt and key set, replacing only the thumb-turn on the inside of your door. It’s compatible with the single-cylinder deadbolts most commonly found in North America. No need for a locksmith, either: it can be installed in only 15 minutes, so you can use it in a rental situation and easily bring it with you when you move.


The August communicates with your smartphone (Android or iOS) through Bluetooth rather than wi-fi, which is more secure and won’t bog down your network. The lock disengages on its own as you walk to your door with your phone in tow, and August’s app and corresponding website notify you when certain people come in and out of your house and allow you to give out unlimited digital keys with customizable expiration dates. These features are a blessing for Airbnb users or just anyone who’s away for months at a time. It can be set to auto-lock when you’re 100 yards away (a nice feature for the security-forgetful), and the Everlock setting prompts the August to lock itself 30 seconds after someone has entered or left.

The August represents yet another step towards the day when everything in our homes utilize wi-fi or Bluetooth — perhaps the best one yet, since it incorporating both ease and peace of mind. First you’ll love it for its easy installation and elegant design; then over the next few months, you’ll feel like you have a Bluetooth doorman.


Height: 2.21 inches
Width: 3.26 inches
Weight: 14 ounces

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