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Elements: Hunting Camp

From practical to (slightly) luxurious, all the necessary gear to outfit a hunting camp.


A hunting camp is an elemental kind of place. It’s a pure getaway, a place to wipe away the daily grind with some hard manual labor, some time in the woods, some bullshitting and card playing with the guys. It smells a little funky. Outfitting one isn’t a particularly difficult proposition; simplicity is at its core and pretention better not show its ugly head. That Victorian explorer decor that so saturates lodges is at a bare minimum here. This is comfort without excess and utility without harshness and an equal balance of creature comforts and tools of the trade. Aim for quality and don’t buy anything that won’t stand up to some healthy wear and tear. That includes the beer.

Our Picks: Drop And Catch Bottle Opener ($60), Buffalo Leather Chairs ($7,950), Vintage Duck Decoy ($65+), The Rise of Teddy Roosevelt ($13), Beretta 690 Field III ($3,495), Filson Dog Bed ($275), , Faribault Mills Blanket ($215), Boos Walnut Cutting Board ($104+), Gransfors Hunter’s Axe ($171), Barbour Beaufort ($399), Coors ($15), Best Made Co. Playing Cards ($8), Game Hoist ($150), Lodge Cast Iron Skillet ($35)

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