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The Best Deals of the Week

All the deals you missed this week.

Master and Dynamic

Welcome to Deals of the Week, where Gear Patrol captures all the best deals that are still going strong. You can also follow all our deal posts in the Deals section. Comments or concerns? We’d love to hear from you at deals@gearpatrol.com.


Patagonia Snap-T Fleece Pullover
Save $40: The Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T fleece pullover is a staple in every man’s closet. Everyone from backpackers to dads to hikers to college students to Coachella attendees to urbanites has made the style work for them — and somehow, it does. A polyester fleece made from recycled materials makes the outside feel as soft as the interior. It’ll keep you plenty warm throughout the rest of any in-between rainy season you’re dealing with, or those bizarrely cold San Francisco summers. Grab one of last season’s colors now for up to $40 off. — Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $119 $78

Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel
Save 45%: Summer travelers who eschew the roll-aboard face a crucial choice: duffel or backpack. The former is a stalwart gear-hauler with plenty of space, but it lacks interior organization while the latter is easy to carry and packed with pockets and features, but has poor access to its contents and broadcasts the globetrotting backpacker look to the locals. There is a middle ground though, and Mystery Ranch has found it expertly with its Mission Duffel.

The Mission, currently on sale in the 90-liter size for 45 percent off, is a duffel with backpack straps. In the past few years, these bags have found a place in almost every outdoor gear maker’s collection, but the Mission stands out among the pack thanks to its comfortable stow-away backpack straps. They’re not just an afterthought; Mystery Ranch has taken what it’s learned in building excellent backpacking bags and applied it to the duffel.

The Mission wins bonus points for its large, U-shaped opening that provides plenty of access and for the many zippered mesh organizing pockets found inside. The bag is also water-resistant, as any good duffel should be. All of these features helped make the Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel one of our favorites for 2018. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $195 $107


Roomba 960
Save $100: It’s not often those keen on exercising control over machines before Skynet assumes control and want to save a cool $100 are satisfied with a single link, but today that changes. iRobot’s (not the Will Smith film) Roomba 960 is the second most powerful consumer robot vacuum available (only behind its big brother, the 980) and can actually be told what to do thanks to Alexa and Google Assitant integration, though commands are limited to the likes of “Roomba, clean,” “Roomba, charge,” and not “Roomba, you missed a spot.” It can also be controlled by an app on your phone when you’re away from home, and it’s smartly short (3.5 inches) enough to slip under most beds, chairs and couches.

The most respected name in robot vacuums rarely cuts prices on its high-end helpers, but today the asking price is at least slightly more reasonable — $100 shaved off the top, bringing it to $600. Consider, though, you’ll not only have a robot to boss around, it’ll also piss your cat off and clean the cat’s hair up, simultaneously. — Will Price

Buy Now: $700 $600

Goal Zero

I Pack This Nonessential Accessory for Every Trip
Save 40%: I’m a purist when it comes to packing, choosing to bring only the items I know that I’ll use. That frees up space in my bag for some things that might be considered unnecessary, like Goal Zero’s Lighthouse Mini lantern, which is currently 40 percent off. — Tanner Bowden

Learn More: Here


Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne
Save 30%: If you refuse to check a bag as I do, the concept of transporting liquids (especially cologne) poses a potential challenge. Combat that stale plane smell with Fulton & Roark’s solid colognes that are travel-friendly. There’s no three-ounce rule to abide by with essentially a bar of soap. And now, all Shackleford colognes, shaving kits, and dop kits are up to 30 percent off. A one-stop-shop for all your travel needs. — Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $42 $35


Upgrade Your Wallet and Slim It Down at the Same Time
Save 25%: Too frequently we find ourselves with XL wads of leather crammed with expired memberships and stashes of business cards we’ll never hand to anyone. — Tanner Bowden

Learn More: Here


Master & Dynamic Headphone Cables
Save 50%: Master & Dynamic just launched several new cables, most notably lightning to 3.5mm ($69) and USB-C to 3.5mm ($49), that allow you to plug your headphones directly into your new smartphone — no dongle needed. Each cable has a built-in remote and microphone, and it looks nice, made of heavy-duty woven fabric. Yes, the cables are pretty expensive, but right now through April 29 (this Sunday) you can buy them for half off — just use the code “CABLE50” at checkout. If you have a new iPhone or Google Pixel smartphone, along with either M&D’s MH40 or MH30 headphones, these cables could be a nice upgrade. (Note: the cables will also work with other non-M&D headphones.) The cables are available in silver and black models. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $69 $35 (Lightning)Buy Now: $49 $25 (USB-C)


Junghans Max-Bill Hand-Wound
Save $160: The Junghans Max Bill is a delightful timepiece that refuses to change. The watch’s Bauhaus aesthetic has barely changed at all since its legendary Swiss designer Max Bill first penned the dial design in the 1950s. This model here is powered by a Swiss-made ETA 2801-2 hand-winding movement that’s packed up in a sleek, 34mm case. The Max Bill also happens to be very affordably priced for everything with an MSRP of $690, but you can get it even cheaper from Massdrop right now for just $530. — Andrew Connor

Buy Now: $530

denim jacket

Levi’s Trucker Jacket
Save 22%: The denim Trucker jacket is an ideal piece of light outwear for transitional spring weather. You can throw it on over a light sweater on chilly mornings or you can roll up the sleeves and wear it with a tee on warm evenings. Now at Zappos, you can save 22 percent on Levi’s classic denim Trucker. Available in three different washes, it features a button closure, button-flap chest pockets, welt hand pockets and a straight back yoke. You’ll get plenty of wear out of this wardrobe classic — it’s a worthwhile investment at $70. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $90 $70


Uniqlo Oxford Shirts
Save 50%: Uniqlo’s oxford shirts are normally a solid deal with a list price of $30. The classic button-front style features a single chest pocket, a button-down collar and a slim fit. Available in classic colorways, this quintessential shirt is now 50 percent off and costs just $15. At that price, it’s worth stocking up on a couple for the coming years. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $30 $15


Adidas Alphabounce Sneaker
Save 26%: We awarded the Adidas AlphaBounce as one of the best gym sneakers this year. The cushioning eats miles on the treadmill and shines at outdoor boot camps. And, they’re 26 percent off today, bringing the reasonable $90 down to a measly $67. For a pair of sneakers that can take you from the roads to the gym, this is a pretty stellar deal. — Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $90 $67


Bonobos Spring Sale
Save $10+: Bonobos is having a big spring sale, which means solid markdowns on a bevy of wardrobe staples. Sweaters. T-shirts. Light jackets. Jeans. You name it. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your wardrobe with transitional weather-ready essentials, this is as good a time and place as any. — Andrew Connor

Buy Now: $38+


CRKT Swindle Pocket Knife
Save 42%: Deception lies at the core of CRKT’s aptly-named Swindle pocket knife. Closed, the Swindle appears to be a fairly-typical folder with a thumb stud opening. But the stud isn’t mounted to the knife’s spine; in fact, it isn’t part of the blade at all. The actual knife blade betrays conventional designs, deploying with a flipper tap from the other side to produce what CRKT describes as an “uphill curve.” The decoy stud isn’t just that either — that bit of protruding steel is an equally-unique, spring-assisted pocket clip that leaves the Swindle’s handle smooth.

Designed by revered knife maker Ken Onion, the Swindle won the award for “Most Innovative Imported Design” at the 2013 Blade Show and has continued in CRKT’s production line since. The blade is just over three inches and comes in two versions — one made of high-carbon steel, and a premium version with Sandvik stainless steel and a milled handle. Both are currently on sale at Massdrop — the basic for 42% off and the premium for 37% off. (You can also get the Swindle at Amazon for 30% off.) — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $60 $35Amazon: $60 $39


Way Day Outdoor Furniture Sale
Save Up to 75%: Wayfair’s first Way Day is here (think Amazon’s Prime day, but with Wayfair), and few categories are as ripe for the picking as outdoor furniture. No, these Adirondack chairs, wicker couches, exceedingly multi-colored hammocks and unnaturally bright deck umbrellas are not necessarily exemplars of modern design. Nor can we vouch for the quality of every product. But, if you’ve got an empty deck and don’t want to sit on folding chairs like it’s Thanksgiving in 1999, the sheer wealth of hugely discounted products is sure to provide something worth taking a second look at.

Way Day is only live today, and includes deals in every product category on the site. — Will Price

Buy Now: Up to 75% Off


Vans Era Stretch Boardshorts
Save 30%: Summer weather on your mind? Act on those warm-weather daydreams and pick up a pair of Era Stretch Boardshorts from Vans. Built for comfort, they feature four-way stretch with 10 percent elastane, a fitted waistband with tie closure and a zippered back pocket. Also, the 9-inch inseam will cover your quads without looking too baggy. They’re a solid option for any warm-water pursuit and now at Zappos, they’re 30 percent off. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $55 $38


Uniqlo Harrington Jacket
Save 40%: In case you didn’t notice it’s almost May. And if you haven’t had your day ruined by a cloud already, it is bound to happen. If you’re in need of a decent looking water-repelling solution, Uniqlo’s already affordable, exceedingly simple Harrington Jacket is discounted to $30 right now. Its polyester makeup does a fine job in the face of light to moderate rain The jacket sports virtually no elements — matte colorways (olive, beige, navy), minimal exterior stitching, stand-up collar and a zipper round it out — so it isn’t a statement piece, but it won’t get in your way either. The Harrington typically sells for $50 in-store and online and is discounted down to $30 right now. — Will Price

Buy Now: $50 $30


Bonavita BV1500TS
Save 57%: Bonavita’s 5-cup BV1500TS, features a consistent heater (that keeps water in that crucial 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit range), a showerhead dripper for even distribution and a stainless steel carafe keeping your five cups of joe warm for hours. There’s even a pre-infusion mode for extracting the best possible flavor out of freshly-ground beans. Normally, the Bonavita BV1500TS’s MSRP is $140, but right now, thanks to a campaign on Massdrop, you have the opportunity to pick it up for just $60. — Andrew Connor

Buy Now: $60


SealLine Blocker Dry Sacks
Save up to 48%: You’ve just spent a day hiking to the top of your local peak; you reached the summit, bathed in its 360-degree views, devoured a PB&J (or two) and began the knee-pounding trek back to the car when it starts to downpour. With hours left to walk, your extra layers are done for, and your camera is kaput.

In that situation, and many others, SealLine’s Blocker Dry Sacks fit the need. SealLine builds these roll-top, waterproof sacks with 70-denier polyurethane-coated nylon that’s both durable and lightweight. The Blocker Dry Sacks are available in a full range of sizes from 10 to 30 liters and will keep their contents dry even when the bag they sit inside can’t. That makes them a practical accessory for backpacking, naturally, but also for travel to cities too. The Blocker sacks double as gear organizers — they stuff and cinch into a rounded rectangular shape that maximizes space within a backpack, duffel, or roll-aboard — and are a handy item to have around even when rain isn’t in the forecast.

Right now they’re up to 48 percent off too, depending on the size you’re after. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $25 $10+


BalanceForm GoFit Weights
Save 35%: Sometimes basic is better. Dumbbells fall into that category. These BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose weights offer everything you need, and nothing more. Right now the 20-pound dumbbells are on sale for 35 percent off. — Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $25 $16

Front Runner

Front Runner Outfitters Sale
Save Up to $30: Putting your gear on a roof rack means it needs to be able to withstand the elements. In other words, it needs to be tough. — Bryan Campbell

Learn: Here


Cole Haan Smooth Leather Briefcase
Save 70%: If you work in a traditional office, your everyday bag needs to be both functional and professional. While capacity and organization is an easy box to check, the professional appearance — smooth leather, minimal branding — usually comes with a higher price-point. Now at Nordstrom Rack, you can have it for less and save 70 percent on a sleek leather briefcase from Cole Haan. Featuring dual top handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, two exterior pockets and a handful of interior organizational pockets, this is a great choice for an everyday work bag. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $398 $120


Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses
Save 30%: In 1978, Randolph Engineering began producing aviator sunglasses for the US military. The brand offered frames to law enforcement and precision shooting markets in the ’90s but didn’t stray from its military roots. In 2000, it was awarded a government contract for the Frame of Choice program, which offered the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and NASA an alternative to standard-issue sunglasses. Now, Randolph’s aviators — still built to MIL-S-25948 standards — are widely available to the public. You can save 30 percent on a few different frames at Zappos, including styles with both polarized and non-polarized lenses. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $113 +


JackRabbit Sale
Save $25: It looks like spring temperatures are here to stay, which means you can finally store your fleece-lined leggings. Swap them out for a pair of sweat-wicking shorts, a long sleeve, and new kicks. Having trouble getting out the door to go running? A new kit is sure to help. We pulled together three options — all on sale — that are sure to inspire you to get moving. And when you spend $150 (which is easy to do on just one new pair of shoes), you’ll save $25 on the entire order. Use the code BUNNY25. — Meg Lappe

Learn More: Here


REV’IT! Memphis H2O Jeans
Save 31%: There are very few ways more torturous to test out riding gear than to take it 2,674 miles from Seattle, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska. That’s exactly what we did for Gear Patrol Magazine Issue Five last summer. We put the Ducati and Triumph through the wringer, of course, but so was the rest of the kit we brought along and among the pieces that impressed the most were Memphis H2O Jeans by Rev’It!. The Memphis H2O has everything you need from a riding pant: abrasion resistant construction, a waterproof and breathable hydratex 3L pro lining, Knox Lite CE at the knees and Seesoft CE-level 1 type B on the hips. The Memphis H20 provides the necessary all-day comfort and protection necessary for 500 mile plus stints on the bike and casual, classic style for when you’re not in the saddle. — Bryan Campbell

Buy Now: $320 $220


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8
Save $201: The Beoplay H8 are Bang & Olufsen’s lavish and wireless active noise-canceling headphones. Released in 2015, the on-ear headphones are made of metal and leather and they sound like what you’d expect from a Bang & Olufsen pair of headphones — excellent. However, the company recently released the next-gen version of the Beoplay H8, the Beoplay H8i, which come with a few new features and USB-C charging, and they’ve taken the place of the Beoplay H8 in the Bang & Olufsen lineup. All this means is that you can now find some pretty great deals on the Beoplay H8. Originally $500, you can now snag them on Amazon for as low as $294, depending on the color. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $500 $294


Lodge 8-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet
Save 48%: Point blank: there’s not an American made piece of cast-iron out there that is a better deal at retail price than a Lodge. The only widely available producer of American cast-iron has been cranking out all manner of cookware from the same factory in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee for more than 120 years, and selling skillets that can last a lifetime for what a trip to the movies costs. Lodge’s 8-inch skillet will fit a single large steak just fine, is more maneuverable than its larger cousins (only a bit over 3 pounds) and simply takes up less precious cabinet space. It also happens to be the perfect size for a dual serving of crispy, hearty breakfast hash. Just saying.

Right now, along with a slew of equally enticing (though less multi-functional) products, the 8-inch cast-iron skillet is discounted to a whopping $10. $10. — Will price

Buy Now: $20 $10

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