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Every International Outlet, in One Handy Chart

Ever try to put a J in a G-hole or an H in a D-hole?


We’ve all been there. You’ve caught the last available charter to Paris in pursuit of an international super-spy who’s inexplicably gone rogue, you follow him to the Hôtel Athénée and right as you’re downloading the hotel schematics in your Suite Royale to scope out ingress and egress points, your phone dies. You scramble for your charger, only to realize you’ve brought a Type J adapter instead of a Type E. The rogue international super-spy escapes and you are immediately demoted to petty domestic espionage assignments. To avoid future errors we’ve compiled a quick visual guide to the power plugs of the world. So grab your universal adapter, .25 Beretta automatic (with skeleton grip) and your dinner jacket and get your Double 0 back.

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Type A: USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan
Type B: A grounded version of Type A
Type C: Europe, South America and Asia
Type D: India
Type E: France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic
Type F: Europe and Russia, except for the UK & Ireland (Types C,E and F are all cross-compatible)
Type G: United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia and Singapore
Type H: Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip
Type I: Australia, New Zealand, China and Argentina
Type J: Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Rwanda
Type K: Denmark and Greenland
Type L: Italy and Chile
Type M: South Africa
Type N: Brazil
Type O: Thailand

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