Group B Is Not for Boys

In the 1980s, Group B Rally Racing was the epicenter of dangerous speed.

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Commonly referred to as the golden age of rally, Group B was introduced by the FIA as a new set of regulations (or, lack or regulations) for rally racers. It fostered some of the quickest, most powerful cars the sport has ever seen, and unbridled thrills matched the exceptional level of horsepower. The range in technology, materials, weight and boost used resulted in double the power output of the vehicles’ predecessors. With so much horsepower, rally racing became extremely dangerous. A series of major accidents, including the passing of Sergio Cresto and Henri Toivonen at the 1986 Tour de Corse, forced FIA to retire these regulations for good.

David Režný’s edit is a highlight reel of clips that pay tribute to the golden Group B era. The extreme speed, skill and inherent danger of Group B pass by in a blur of film grain. It was a time of life lived — quite literally — at the thrilling, deadly precipice of the sport.

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