Postcard: Unique Hospitality at the Wild Earth Lodge

First Pete screamed at me in the driveway.

Jeremy Berger

8:00 a.m. GMT+12 | Makarora, New Zealand — We were running late for our reservation at the Wild Earth Lodge and we couldn’t find the place. I stopped in at the only place with lights, a bar, where a guy in rugby shorts directed us back two kilometers. “And tell Pete he’s a wanker”, he said, laughing. A barking German shepherd greeted us, followed by Pete, whose silhouette I could just make out in the darkness: long gray hair, thick mustache, cigarette burning. “Who’s in charge?” Pete said. “Because you’ve mucked things up and somebody’s gonna take the piss.” He was furious. I raised my hand. He continued to yell. Then I yelled, annoyed that another adult was chastising me for being late to a hotel. We went nose to nose, yelling. I wanted to shove him but thought better of it. Things cooled down. We drank a Gentleman Jack. Two. Said goodnight. The bed was comfortable. In the morning I woke to expansive views of the Wilkin Valley. I drank my coffee with a horse. Pete cooked lamb chops, then he gave me a ride at top speed in his Shelby Cobra. “I was just gutted for you boys”, he said. “I wanted to show you the true alpine hospitality.” I’m not sure I’d call it hospitality, Pete, but it sure was the most unique greeting I experienced in New Zealand.

Photo Info: Canon EOS 6D | 24mm | f/6.3 | 1/100 | ISO 100


A postcard is always a pleasant surprise, particularly in an era of Instagram and SMS pics. We don’t have enough postage for our entire readership, but our new bite-sized series, Postcards lightly details the who, what, when, where and why. It’s a simple, and effective, premise. Whether they’re based on a life-changing subject or just a strange one, shot with a Red Epic or an iPhone, we hope you find these little moments more genuine than the stock images you’re used to seeing opposite of the Xs and Os.

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