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Sea to Summit X-Pot

The X-Pot is the most innovative backcountry cook pot ever conceived.


Perhaps the most bulky and unwieldy piece of equipment in a backpacker’s kit is cookware. Whether you are cooking for 10 or going on a solo mission, a pot, regardless of material, is unyielding in shape and never seems to fit quite right in a pack. There’s been very little innovation — aside from materials — in the camp cookware game since the 1970s and it is about time that someone innovated the category. Sea to Summit approached the backcountry cook pot with a refreshing eye for design and functionality with its new collection of X-Pots.

Riffing off of their highly acclaimed X-Mug, the X-Pot utilizes the same collapsible construction, food-grade silicone, combined with an aluminum cook surface on the bottom for even heat distribution. The X-Pot is designed specifically for use with a backcountry stove and is suitable for just about any type of cooking — save for sautéing and frying. Use the X-Pot for rice, pasta, quinoa, chicken, hard-boiled eggs and just about anything else you can conjure up.

The number one advantage of the X-Pot is packability. Though something like a Fry-Bake might be more versatile in its cooking applications, it’s heavy and takes up roughly a third of the space in your pack. The silicone body of the X-Pot allows it to be folded down to nearly flat, taking up a fraction of the volume that traditional cookware would and making it an easy addition to any size pack. As an added bonus, X-Mugs and X-Bowls can be nested neatly inside the X-Pot for the most compact, comprehensive cookware set on the market. The pots come in three sizes including 1.4, 2.8 and 4 liters.

The Sea to Summit X-Pot is by far the best innovation within backcountry cooking in recent memory and will help free up space and weight in your pack — leaving room for more food, an extra plush sleep system, or any other “glamping” creature comfort that your heart desires. seatosummit.com


Weight (2.8L): 2.8 pounds
Material: food-grade silicone and 6063-T6 aluminum
Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 1.5 inches

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