Zegna 10-Pocket Jacket

If good ole Inspector Gadget got some swagger, he might consider supplanting his shoddy trench coat with this versatile piece.


Just to get the burning question out of the way, here is the intended purpose for each of the Zegna 10-Pocket Jacket‘s 10 pockets: phone plus headphone cord; glasses plus pen; business cards; passport; wallet; money clip; keys; pocket square. (Which leaves two more for overflow, by the way.)

This effortless marriage of function and fashion checks all the boxes for a man on the move. It’s wrinkle-resistant, cross-seasonal and impeccably tailored on the outside, with enough pockets to stash anything inside. It maintains its lofty style even when crammed full thanks to Zegna’s fashion-first DNA, differentiating it from other travel blazers, which can easily transform into something resembling a fully stocked fly-fishing vest by the time you’ve cleared airport security. You’ll pay for the 10-pocket privilege with a $2,295 price tag, but a jacket this versatile will never sneak too far into the closet.



Fabric: 100% wool
Liner: Unstructured, full canvas
Fit: Regular, two buttons

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