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Montblanc M Pen by Marc Newson

From one of the designers of the Apple Watch comes a writing utensil that feels just as advanced.


In 2015, we’ve come to balance the necessity of tech with its overabundance. As a result, a coexistence of analog and digital products is becoming the new norm in some circles. The proof: handmade and analog accessories, like pocket notebooks and even print magazines like our own are proliferating even while wrist after wrist adopts the smartwatch. In that sense, it makes perfect sense that one of the hands that designed the Apple Watch would design a writing instrument; plenty of ink must have gone into drafting that thing, so Marc Newson surely had plenty to draw from when designing the perfect pen.


Like the best tech products, Newson’s Montblanc M is designed to be satisfying. The smooth, black-resin body and the slip-free corrugated ruthenium grip impart a sense of significance. The platinum-plated clip on the cap is magnetized to align with the Montblanc symbol on the “plateau” of the body; when the pen is capped, the clip whips into place with a satisfying snap, capping off what’s sure to have been a productive work session.


Materials platinum, precious black resin, gold, rhodium, ruthenium,
Ink Refills: Mystery Black, Pacific Blue
Heads: ballpoint, rollerball, fountain, stylus, stylus (“Screenwriter”), ultra-fine point (“ARTFINELINER”)
Construction Methods: diamond carving, ultrasonic welding

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