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Adidas Terrex Ultimate Boost CH

With the range of new synthetics, Adidas has significantly improved the performance of the winter hiking boot.


Winter hiking boots have to succeed on two levels: they have to be insulated against the elements, but they also have to be breathable and comfortable to hike in. These contradictory goals are not easily bridged.

The Adidas Terrex Ultimate Boot CH attempts to solve this problem by using synthetics and an innovative cushion to create a high-performance winter boot. It succeeds. At 17.6 ounces per shoe, the Terrex is lighter than its more boot-like friends, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less protected from the elements. Primaloft insulation, a favorite of heavy winter jackets, keeps your little piggies from getting cold, and a waterproof exterior keeps them dry. The Terrex’s high boot is designed to work like a gaiter and keep snow out. Smartly constructed seams ensure moisture can get out but not in.


Two things in particular make the Terrex a high-performance boot: traction and the groundbreaking Boost cushion. The bottom of the shoe is made of a beefy curved rubber sole, making it essentially a snow tire for your feet. Adidas claims it provides the shoe with about a third more grip than the competition, and our experience with the sole is that it is indeed ultra grippy. The Boost cushion is designed to be more cold resistant than EVA foam, so it provides significantly more bounce for its weight and maintains springiness in low temperatures. This translates into greater comfort and faster hiking, a difference that only becomes more pronounced as temperatures drop further.

With the range of new synthetics, Adidas has significantly improved the performance of the winter hiking boot with the Terrex while maintaining the same standard of weatherproofing that one needs for long winter hikes or snowshoe treks. Countless feet will thank them. addidas.com


Weight: 17.6 ounces
Material: synthetic
Primary Insulation: Primaloft
Tread: proprietary Continental rubber

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